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Please Print this out Sign fax it to us
The purchase of ANY puppy is subject to the following terms and conditions.


 All puppies sold by TLC Shih Tzus will come with current shots and deworming. By signing this warrantee you

agree to the following. No puppy will be replaced that fails to have the proper veterinary care. We will need ALL

medical records since the puppy was sent home at the time this warranty is used. This is including all shot records,

copy of spay or neutering . The puppy must be kept on and up to date on fleas, ticks medicine and heart worm

preventive from the time you get her/him until she/he is at least 5 years old. For this warranty to be honored. At this

time we recommend Advantage Multi. That is what we put on the babies before they go home.


All puppies must be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of purchasing the puppy or your puppy

 arriving home. If the puppy is purchased on a holiday or on the weekend, then the puppy must be taken to a licensed

 veterinarian on the following working day for examination. If your regular veterinarian is not available, you are

required to take the puppy to another veterinarian. A copy of the Shih tzu Puppy Health exam report (NOT THE BILL)

must be mailed/faxed to us within 1 week of purchase/arrival date for any warrantee to be valid.


You are responsible to make sure you check to see if we got your report. I recommend that you fax or send the report

by US postal service 1st class certified mail so we have to sign for it and you know we received it. Warranty starts at

the date of actual purchase.


With this limited warranty we cover the following conditions ONLY Nothing else.

 We cover genetic HEART, KIDNEY AND LIVER Failure for 5 years .  


We cover genetic Démodé tic mange for the life of your baby...I have been breeding Since 1995 and have never had

any issues with this but we want your baby to be covered just in case., We also want you to rest assure we stand

behind EVERY puppy we place..


We also cover genetic CANCER and TUMORS issues for 3 years, again I have been breeding Since 1995 and have

 never had any issues any type of cancer or tumors,. but we want your baby to be covered just in case., We also want

you to rest assure we stand behind EVERY puppy we place.. If you have any of the above issues we will need a copy

of all test results and a letter from two licensed Vets agreeing on the diagnosis and that it will prevent the animal from

 living a normal life as a companion pet. This will need to be sent to our PO Box address. No other condition is

 covered in this contract.  


If at any time during your puppies life you are unable to keep him/her you will need to contact us and we will

 be more then happy to take the puppy back no questions asked, or we will help you find a new home for them what

 ever one you would like to do. We NEVER want one of our babies to end up in a shelter or pound.



There are certain disorders and issues that can arise that may be caused by environmental factors, and Stress.

They cannot be controlled nor can the breeder be held responsible for under any circumstances.  All and any medical

or any financial issues incurred by the said puppy in this contract are the sole responsibility of the new owner from

 the date the puppy is leave the breeder. There are no acceptations to this for any reason.  Shorkie World is not

responsible for any vet or medical bills or financial bills that are incurred by the said puppy. from the date the said

 puppy leaves with its new owner. :IE: Hypoglycemia, allergies, thyroid dysfunction, kennel cough, Guardia,

coxidia, or any other puppy diseases not mentioned are not covered by this warranty and are not grounds for dispute.

Any and all conditions that may arise in this said puppy are solely the responsibility of the new owner and cannot hold

the breeder or Shorkie World responsible financially for anything in regards to the puppy they have received. ALL

puppies go to the vet before they leave to come home. Most the time with in 48 hours before leaving to come home.

Our vets check each and every puppy very carefully. If they fill the puppy is not ready we will not send it. We make

sure each and every puppy is ok by the vet before they leave. It is the sole responsibility of the new puppy owner to

treat the puppy for all and any medical conditions that arise from the date the said puppy is in the care of the new

owner and there after.

Since the recalls in 2007 we require all our babies be kept on Life’s Abundance® Premium Health Food. We think this is the very best for our babies. The recalls over the last several years has showed us that not all pet food is as high quality that our babies deserve. Most the problems that were caused by the bad food were liver and kidneys. Since we offer the warrantee against heart liver and kidney this is the best food. This is what I personally feed my babies and adults. It is all natural and vet formulated. I believe in this product so much I buy you your first bag. You can not get it in the store you have to get it online. We require you get it from  as we get a list of customers. So we know who is on it and who is not. We offer wonderful auto ship program I recommend using it. The auto ship program will save you about 20% on the retail price.

If your puppy develops one of the above conditions that dates back to the fetal stage and this condition would severely

 impact the quality of life or shorten the life by euthanasia; you will receive a replacement puppy. If the puppy is put

 down we will need to be notified before this is done. We might need to have an autopsy done on the puppy. The

buyer may do this at their vets office or The buyer may send the puppy to our vet to have this done. The buyer

will be responsible for the shipping of the original puppy here for the autopsy. The buyer will have to pay all

shipping charges on their new puppy.


We will need a letter from two licensed Vets agreeing on the diagnosis and sent to our address. These conditions are listed and limited to HEART, KIDNEY AND LIVER Failure, genetic Démodé tic mange or  genetic CANCER and TUMORS ONLY. No other condition is covered in this contract. There is no other guarantee/warranty for any puppy we adopt out.

This warranty is VOID if puppy is bred. The puppy must be spade/neutered by the time he/she is 8 months old. This contract is for the person purchasing the puppy. It is null and VOID if transferred to another person. In the event that this warranty is exercised it would be subject to the availability of another litter from the same breeder. It could take up to one full year from the date we are notified through a letter from a licensed vet explaining the medical problems and defining them as a direct genetic link to the breeders breeding program to replace the puppy. You will receive a replacement puppy of equal value from next available littler only. The replacement will be up to the discretion of the breeder (breeders choice), If the same sex of puppy is not available then if agreeable to both parties breeder may replace said puppy with the opposite sex puppy of equal value, however if not agreeable to both parties, then buyer must wait for the first available same gender puppy to be born for their replacement. (Replacements must be taken from next available litter, choosing not to will forfeit all monies paid and warranty signed by both parties)

Death: In-case of death, an autopsy stating the cause of death would be required before a replacement puppy can be sent. No money is ever refunded.


1. The breeder guarantees a healthy companion pet, but does not guarantee adult size, color, and temperament. Nor does breeder guarantee fitness for breeding.

2. Any and ALL hernias repairs do not warrant replacement puppy as it is not life threatening and in no way interferes with quality of life of the puppy.
3. All puppies sold as pets only as defined in this contract. That you are purchasing a companion pet and does not guarantee size, color or temperament, Nor guarantee fitness for breeding.

4. This contract supersedes any and all previous agreements.

5. We accept US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS or Personal checks over night to our PO Box address. This agreement must be attached fully completed and signed or I cannot accept your payment.

6. IMPORTANT PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ! The buyer agrees to have the puppy paid for in full plus shipping if applicable before the puppy turns 7 weeks old or before the puppy is shipped. Changing your mind or any personal situations that may arise causing you not to be able to fulfill the contract forfeits any and all monies paid on this agreed upon puppy. Sometimes we can take deposits and put them toward a future litter. This will be up to the breeder and a buddy for you. No refunds will be provided for any reason. So please make sure this is the puppy you want before you send a payment or deposit. NO PUPPIES EVER LEAVE UNTIL THEY ARE PAID FOR IN FULL.

7. In the event a puppy should be deemed to not be healthy or not fit for placement while still in the care of the breeder, then a full refund will be provided immediately or if the buyer should choose, has the option of choosing another puppy if available or rolling any monies paid on to any upcoming litters. This is up to the discretion of the breeder and.
8. SHIPPING. Important please read. Once the puppy is taken to the airport and leaves the ground, we are no longer responsible. If for some very rare reason you have a problem please contact your airlines. (I have never had a problem as of yet) . We ship American Airlines. In the event another airline other than American Airlines has to be used "ANY AND ALL EXTRA CHARGES" will be the responsibility of the buyer not the breeder

Amendment For Toy Breeds:
As you know you have just purchased one of the smallest of the small. They are just like premature babies. They need constant, love and care. By your signature below you are aware and accept all the terms and conditions herein set forth. Moreover this addendum will help the buyer to better care for their newly purchased companion. We warrantee on HEART, KIDNEY AND LIVER ONLY proven by a licensed veterinarian, prevent the animal from living a normal life as a companion pet.
1. The buyer understands that the puppy being purchased is an extremely small. Furthermore, the buyer understand additional care will needed to insure the heath and well being of the puppy. With out the proper care this breed can suffer from Hypoglycemia, dehydration etc.
Make sure the puppy has food and water ALL the time close to him/her.
Nutrical/Nutrastat: Its a tube that looks like toothpaste. Give 3 times a day after meals, or in between meals. Finger nail portion only (Squirt on a inch)
(This is just for extra calories please do not give to much).
PLEASE make sure that the puppy gets rest. Don't let him/her play too long for the first three weeks at least. Let them play for 15 minutes and then have them take a nap. Minimize their activity level so their blood sugar level do not drop. Leave them along so they can eat. If puppy ever looks lethargic, give 3 teaspoonfuls of karo syrup and call your vet immediately. Then call me.
2.TLC SHIHTZUS' recommends that the buyer DOES NOT depart from this routine for at least 3 weeks form purchase.
3. Puppies are easily stressed by excessive holding. Buyer should limit holding the puppy to 15 minutes per hour.
4. In the event of death to the puppy, due to dehydration, starvation, malnutrition, or any other conditions related to the stress from flight, change of environment, transitional issues, ect nature of the puppy, buyer agrees that no refund or purchase price or exchange of puppy will be forthcoming. Additionally, buyer agrees to hold TLC SHIHTZUS' harmless for such. You should have the following in your home at all times in case of an emergency.
1. Pedialyte(clear)
2. Nutrical/Nutrastat
3. Chicken or Turkey and Rice Baby Food
4. Syringe-12cc (NO NEEDLE)
5. Karo Syrup
If for any reason your puppy looks lethargic please do the following
B) Give your puppy two teaspoon of Karo Syrup over 20 min's. and ten minutes after, give 12cc of baby food. Then 20 minutes later give 12cc of baby food again, Try to have the puppy drink some water or pedialyte. Call the vet immediately. Then call Us.
C) then continue every 4 hours(even at nite) to feed 24cc of baby food and Nutrical after.
Use No Honey
The signer of this contract agrees that he/she has been informed of the complete contents of this contract and states he/she understands this contract in it entirety.


After extensive research with different types of vitamins we have decided the NuVet is the best vitamin supplement choice for all our puppies and adult dogs. With the daily use of these vitamins and yearly vet visits for proper vaccinations, your puppy will live a much healthier and longer lifestyle. We are so serious about this vitamin regimen that we have now added it to all our health guarantees.
Because of the variety and quality of dog foods available (and all canine illness' are NOT covered by vaccinations), we require that all TLC SHIHTZUS' dogs be kept on “NuVet Plus Canine.” This nutritional supplement is only available through breeder recommendation. You are expected to have this on hand before your puppy gets home. The order line phone number is: 1-800-474-7044. Your order code is # 44856. The order line hours are 8am-6pm Pacific time. NuVet Labs sends us a monthly report on which puppies from A buddy for you are being supplemented with NuVet Plus Canine.
NOTE: All health warrantee will be considered null and void if you do not keep your pet on this Vitamin.
This Application must be filled out and signed and returned to TLC SHIHTZUS' before the delivery of any puppy . In case that it is not filled out correctly, or refusal to sign and agree to the terms listed will forfeit all and any non-refundable deposits made prior.

Pet owner's name: _____________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________
City: __________________ State: _______________ Zip: ______
Phone: ______________ E-mail: ____________________________
Purchase date: ______________________
Close's Air Port For Shipping: ____________________________________
Breed purchased: SHIH TZU Litter #: _______________________________
Date of birth: _____________ Sex: ___________ Color:__________
Puppy's Sire: ______________________
Puppy's Dam: ______________________
Exceptions to guarantee on this puppy, if any:
I agree to the above warrantee.
Signed: ______________________________ Date: __________
Take GREAT care to protect your puppy from getting lost, stolen or from danger or abuse. There is NO guarantee against negligence. By signing this contract you understand all warrantee's and credit cards are processed thru our sister site a buddy for you llc.


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